Casumo is the place of adventure

Casumo logoCasumo is an amazing online casino operated by (Ca)Sumo’s who run their own world. A fantasy world filled with bonuses, free spins, valuables, trophies and challenges. But what does a valuable mean? When do I get a Casumo bonus and what can I win with a challenge?

Firstly, the casino offers the best online casino slots. No live games, no table games, no roulette, no poker….. only slots and some keno and scratch cards. Do you thing this is boring? Not at all! You can win trophies, valuables or challenges! You will constantly be rewarded while you are playing your favorite slot games. It’s a real adventure: an amazing casino.

CaSUMO trophies

When you start your Casumo adventure you are born as a little Casumo. You’re a Sumo figure with just a rope. If you make a deposit regularly and hit your spins, you will level up and get your first belt. The more you bet and win, the more you will be rewarded with a new belt (White, yellow, red, blue, purple or black) just like the real karate belts. The better your belt, the more bonuses and free spins you will receive. The belt levels go faster with higher stakes, so a huge bet once in a while will get up the belts. It’s a kind of a VIP level.

You simply collect points every time you play at Casumo. The more points collected, the better your belt and the higher your level. The belts are your first trophies. Trophies are achievements filled with prestige that are fancy to look at, and a proof of hard work. You also receive trophies for logging in, hanging around during lunch break, your first deposit, your first payout, a one-week veteran and being a regular.

Collect trophies by playing slots. For example, win 500 times in Spinata Grande. Certainly you will be rewarded with big wins. Make sure you collect all your trophies and be the king the of the CaSUMO’s.

Last but not least, you can show your winnings and trophies to the rest of the Casumo players. Like we said, you can… you can also stay anonymous. Of course, the more competitive you are, the more you get to show off your trophies.

Casumo Levels

During your playtime at Casumo you will earn points. The more points you earn, the higher you will be in the levels. Your points will be measured by the bar on top of the website and when the bar is full, you will move to the next level. Every time you hit a spin, the bar will gradually increase. Each level will bring you more valuables. The rewards are bigger with every new level. The better belt you have when you level up, the better your valuables are. Hence, you certainly need to earn a better belt and reach the next level.

Casumo Valuables

Casumo’s valuables are the most important things for you. Valuables represent bonuses, cash and free spins. The more valuables you collect, the more you can profit from bonuses and free spins. You will receive valuables when you bet regularly and level up.

You also get valuables according to your current level, just play in a way you feel comfortable and get prizes accordingly. The size of deposits, the amount of log ins, how long you play at Casumo and how active you are on Casumo also play a role,

The valuables are shown in your adventure page. Most of the valuables have a lifetime of 100 years. Thereafter, they will self-destruct. So no worries that you will miss a valuable. Just click on your valuable and you can profit from your bonus, spins or cash.

Casumo Challenges

Last but not least, you can play Challenges at Casumo. You can play a challenge and win real cash rewards. You can choose your level: easy, medium or hardcore. You have to win some challenges and in between you earn valuables. At the end of the challenge, your name appears on the leaderboard. You can participate in the challenge as many times as you want, the best score will be highlighted on the leaderboard. At the end of the challenge, the winner will receive a huge amount of cash. If you won the hardcore challenge, the cash prize will be higher than the easy level. Challenge yourself and others by being the fastest and being the best.

But for all the valuables, challenges and trophies, we can say it’s always a surprise. You are in the parallel world of the Casumo’s and they are wacky and funny figures. You are traveling with your spaceship through the Casumo’s universe and you never know what you can expect.

Become a Casumo

It’s an amazing casino and we totally love this great adventure. A real gaming experience. Play now at Casumo and start as a cutie little Casumo. You will receive a welcome bonus of €1200 plus 200 Free Spins. Join Casumo today!