Holiday misfortune Promotion at Cherry Casino

Cherry misFortune Promotion at Cherry CasinoIt’s the Holiday misfortune promotion at Cherry Casino and if you are planning for a holiday, Cherry Casino has got you covered on any silly mishaps that will take place during your holiday experience.

Just like any other planned holiday, it’s an obvious case that there can be some few mishaps that will take place but this time, instead of the mishaps taking away your smile for a while, Cherry Casino has guaranteed its players that they will make sure you keep on smiling even if those little mishaps occur.

What is Cherry Casino offering?

The casino is offer fabulous promotions for the Holiday misfortune promotion. Upon visiting the site, if you click on the ‘Holiday misfortune promotion’ link, you will be taken to a scenery where you would have hold any three of the feature selections and hit the spin button to spin the two remaining reels.

All you have to do is to hold any one of the three misfortune feature and click the spin button. The three misfortune features are as follows;

  1. Worm in Berries – “Walk about in the park, you see the most delicious berries you have ever seen! You eat a couple of them, but what is that taste?”
  2. Stepping on Insect – “You’ve decided to go off the path, but are not the biggest fan of creepy crawlers. Suddenly you hear a noise from the bushes….”
  3. Meeting a Bear – “Strolling down the path with no worries in the world. What is that furry thing over there? Oh no, a little bear cub….The mother might be nearby.”

Upon hitting the spin button and you match your misfortune feature, you will be awarded with a fabulous bonus and free spins.

  • Worm in Berries misfortune offers “Fresh tasty fruits and 30 free spins”
  • Stepping on Insect offers “30 Lucky free spins”
  • Meeting a bear offers “30 Refreshing free spins”

To be eligible for the bonus, players need to make a deposit of at least €20.

Exclusive offer at Cherry Casino

By visiting Cherry Casino’s Campaign site, you will be awarded with 14 daily bonuses. New players will be welcomed with a 100% match deposit bonus of up to €200 on your first deposit.

Hurry up, join Cherry Casino and experience great gaming action with its fabulous promotions.