Spin16 a new title exclusive to LeoVegas

Spin16 is a new slot game exclusive to LeoVegas that was launched on the 10th of July, 2015. The slot game comes with a new twist of game play thereby creating g a whole new level of play to all mobile players.

Jungle themed slotgame: Spin16

The slot game is based on a theme of the jungle with its reels showcasing a variety of wild animals such as the lion, Zebra, fruits and many more.

Players have an opportunity to control each reel during game play. Unlike the common hold-up reel feature that is offered by other gaming providers, the exclusive slot game allows you to interact with all reels in the game. You have the ability to spin each reel right, left, down, sideways giving you 16 ways to spin each reel.

Spin16  is exclusively available only at LeoVegas and if you are searching for a unique slot game that offers unique game features then consider playing Spin16 slot.

Each reel is completely controlled by your finger all you have to do is swipe on the screen in any direction.
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The online betting operator plans to release another exclusive slot game titled Elementium.

Play at LeoVegas and enjoy great mobile gaming experience today!